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Bonnet Toyota Sienna

I decided to write about my latest workhorse Toyota Sienna. The previous Honda CRV sold, the old woman was exhausted. He offered his wife (she and the kids the main user of this car) various options, including Sienna, but she refused, but later saw her in the cabin and we decided to take it. Because she is represented on the Russian market only by grayish dealers, I will say a few words about her. Engine 2, seven gasoline, 100 eighty-seven liters. p., 6-speed automatic transmission, front-wheel drive, length 5 thousand eighty 5 m. Take a stronger V6, two hundred sixty 6 liters. from. with all-wheel drive and a complete set Limited strangled my toad. Children do not care which salon to guess, and the driver and the train. The task was simple – to buy a reliable and roomy car that my wife likes (this is the most difficult of the three positions). Compared to other buses, I like Sienna outwardly, Toyota designers probably smoked for a change before drawing it, something doesn’t look like on them. Hyundai some kind of dumb, Mercy – square, like elongated cubes, and stand – an apartment. The package bundle is not rich, but everything is basic, it’s a pity only the interior is velor and bright, the kids know their business, it turns from light gray to dark gray, but oh well, now! But I took a new one for 1, five lyama, there is twice as much metal there as on my Honda, and 1, 5 than in the GL. For a year, my car dashed off thirty thousand, I will try to objectively speak about the pros and cons … Shumka for the Japanese can be considered excellent. Arches do not drum. The noise from the tires on the road does not bother. Dvigun is heard only at high speeds. The engine is not very powerful, but copes with such a hippo normally, probably thanks to six gears. Interior. Velor is good, but you need to take darker, I have not seen. Without frills, the imagination is not amazing, but … The design is classic. Plastic is not scratched, almost. There are no crickets. Management is convenient, everything is at hand, the climate works for five in the summer. In the winter, passenger windows sometimes sweat, but it is very warm, the interior warms up, despite the size being excellent and fast. The radio tape recorder and audio preparation for the standard one will pull, in the sense of r **, but you can’t catch all the stations, because it doesn’t catch the odd ones. The chairs are comfortable, especially good on the second row, which moves back and forth, which allows you to adjust the distance between …

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