Suzuki Russia

Suzuki Russia is new

The history of the Japanese company, which began back one thousand nine hundred and nine, is somewhat similar to the history of Toyota: at first, Suzuki Loom Works, like its own competitor, specialized in the production of looms. But the sharp demand for passenger cars, which appeared in the Land of the Rising Sun in the late 30s, radically changed the situation. It was in those years, the founder of the company, Michio Suzuki, decided to launch a project to create small cars. The project existed exactly until the outbreak of World War II, during which the production activities of the company died out.

To the idea of ​​creating TS “Suzuki” returned exclusively in one thousand nine hundred and fifty-one years. Then the Suzuki Power Free motorbike was designed with two drive sprockets that allow you to move not only with the help of the motor, but also due to pedaling or the simultaneous use of both types of drive.

In one thousand nine hundred and fifty-four years, the company was renamed the Suzuki Motor Company, and a year later, a Suzulight subcompact with front-wheel drive and independent front and rear suspension came out from under its conveyor.

In the 60s, Suzuki motorcycles began to be exported to the United States. In the same period, the factory team became the first winner of the Moto GP series.

In the 70-80s, the Japanese company began to appear overseas factories in Thailand and India. In one thousand nine hundred and eighty-two years, the Suzuki group invented the world’s first all-terrain vehicle – the QuadRunner LT125. The first generation of the Suzuki Fronte, Alto and Cervo subcompact family appeared in the Suzuki line in one thousand nine hundred and sixty-seven.

In the late 80s, the production of the Suzuki Vitara crossover was launched.

From two thousand nine to two thousand and eleven years, Suzuki, in an alliance with the German Volkswagen Group, has been developing environmentally friendly cars.

The Suzuki lineup includes cars of small (Suzuki Swift), small medium (Suzuki SX4) and middle class (Suzuki Kizashi), as well as SUVs (Suzuki Jimny). Suzuki cars are attractive for their low cost and optimal level of quality and comfort. The dynamic characteristics of Suzuki, of course, do not reach competitors such as Toyota or Mazda, but the price of Suzuki is much lower.

Suzuki Cost

The cost of Suzuki starts at five hundred thousand for a simple small car and reaches one and a half million for a five-door SUV Suzuki Grand Vitara. Many novice drivers prefer to buy cars of the Japanese manufacturer Suzuki in order to save. Indeed, in terms of safety, Suzuki cars are definitely better than Chinese “rattles” at the same price.