Suzuki Grand Vitara Consumption

For comparison, the consumption rate for

Matvey, Good day. I advise you not to focus on the average fuel consumption sensor, but to measure fuel consumption by the amount of gasoline filled and mileage. The average fuel consumption sensor starts to overestimate the flow when the car is in place with the engine running at idle. This is especially noticeable when the average flow sensor is completely not so long ago reset to zero. At such moments on my wife’s VW GOLF, the instantaneous flow sensor indicates not only one hundred km but l / h. I have Vitara 2, zero on the mechanics, also bought a new one two months ago. Now the mileage is about three thousand five hundred km. According to my measurements in the city, the average consumption is 10.7 – 11.5. And I measure in the following way. When the lamp of an empty tank lights up, I fill in about forty-nine liters (for one thousand five hundred rubles) of 95th gasoline. I reset the mileage counter A to zero and ride until the empty tank lamp comes on again. It turns out mileage of about 420-450 km. It depends on the number of traffic jams you have to drive, sometimes you may have to travel outside the city within 10-15 km of the city. My driving style in the city is moderate without sharp acceleration, with early shifting to overdrive and rolling up to neutral. To do this, and took on the mechanics