Nissan X-Trail Diesel Reviews

Test Drive

Pros: Not expensive myself, and it’s not cheap to maintain. Also, the square shape is simply felt by the driver and roomy. Well, he fits in many garages and parking lots.

Disadvantages: The rear seats on the fasteners knock, the optics turn yellow, the front suspension is rather weak, but again, with what to compare.

Description: Hello. I owned x treil 2003. 2.2 diesel on the handle, and then only on it and there were, somewhere two years, now I own 2007. 2.0 gasoline is also on the handle. I can compare and express my opinion what is the difference between DP and AI. Probably Nissan on x was not the most successful engine in the first generation, it may not be as tender for fuel as modern engines, a bit voracious and like all diesel engines expensive to maintain. That is, the city I have is so real 9l per hundred, 7l highway. If to this day the price of DP has caught up with the A-92 and it is possible that it will reach ninety-five, then the word “more economical” is harder to pronounce during maintenance, and if you still get to a poor-quality solarium, then the numbers are really sad when compared with a gasoline engine. Here on 2.0 I have it like this: 10-11city, 8-8, five tracks, that is, the gap is really not big 1-2l, and then I take two of these figures for max. Plus, possible problems in the winter with a diesel engine (add additives) and the constantly rattling engine noise, and the trawl has a problem with Shumka on all models. Ah, that’s how it turns out. That’s all I described the T-30 body that in the new generation I do not know. It’s easier for me to get gas. So by the way, in the interval between the claims there was a Lacetti two thousand five 1.8 automatic, 15l city …