New Mitsubishi L200

2H (Rear-wheel drive, smooth gear)

The best option for the town and suburban high-speed highways. The drive mode to the rear axle is a smooth brisk ride and low fuel consumption.

4H (All Wheel Drive, Direct Drive)

In all-wheel drive mode, the torque transmitted to the front and rear axles is distributed in a ratio of 40:60, thereby ensuring better wheel grip, safety and handling. And this is especially important when driving in bad weather or when towing a trailer.

4HLс (Four-wheel drive with a locked center differential, direct transmission)

Due to the even distribution of power between the front and rear axles, the grip of wheels with slippery and loose surfaces is improved in this mode.

4LLс * (all-wheel drive, downshift, center-to-center differential lock included)

In a downshift, maximum torque is transmitted to the wheels. This is an important condition to overcome the climbs and steep slopes. This mode will also help in overcoming difficult obstacles such as dirt, sand or snow.