Mitsubishi Pajero Specifications

Mitsubishi Pajero 5-door

For more than 6 years I go to the Mitsubishi Pajero two thousand four onwards, took it at one time in the cabin. I specifically bought this model, since it was an ideal option at a cost at that time. In short, it’s small size, decent dynamics and maneuverability. Convenient and quite comfortable car, and it seems to me an elegant appearance. The interior is Spartan inside, but everything is in its place and you are very quickly getting used to the controls, high seating, comfortable seats with enough adjustments, the interior, although light, is not easily soiled. The trunk is small well organized and the rear …

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Very cool car! I’m not officially driving with eighty-four years, but with ninety-four years of driving already in full – with my car! Not a single serious accident! I don’t care what to ride, but this car is what is needed for the city, for the family, for country trips, and for trips abroad (I traveled across Europe more than one thousand miles!) !!! Unfortunately, due to stupidity, she had an accident on her, i.e. in dtp, and besides, with the FSB on “Opel”! In general, they bent, of course, to the fullest, but the bottom line is that with the airbacks turned off and a strong blow to the “ass” (we hit “w..opel), because” Opel on narrowing the road we …

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In short, I bought it … 1st: scratches on door sills (adjustment) – 2nd to three thousand there was a backlash in the steering and increases every day of operation, 3rd: the piston of the brake cylinder dripped (fluid on the mat), forgiven only for the masterpieces of Rusavtoprom. I scratched the wing, I decided to fix it, since I can do it myself, if it is thin and aluminum. in your hands like paper. (you can’t get the license plate paint. just a selection, a wing -5100 rubles. Twelve thousand rubles were asked for repairs in the cabin). And the last turn for maintenance and repair is at least two weeks … And because the car is a guarantee, you know … And this is a new me …

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