Mitsubishi Electric Vehicle

Electric Mitsubishi i

Method for controlling a high-voltage system In an unexpected collision, the system itself is able to find a shock and disconnect the power battery, as well as other high-voltage circuits. This allows you to reduce the possibility of electric shock not only to those who are in the car, but also to those who are nearby.

SRS system acceleration sensor This device allows the system to recognize a collision that could damage high-voltage devices and respond in a timely manner by completely disconnecting the battery.

Diagnostics of all electrical components and assemblies If any component or assembly is faulty, having determined this, the system immediately disconnects the electric circuit, therefore, it will be impossible to continue driving until the cause of the problem has been eliminated.

A 4-star rating confirms the excellent performance of all security systems. According to experts, “no problems with the car’s electrical system were noticed, the battery remained intact.” “The test results clearly show that technologies that ensure zero emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere are not an obstacle to a high level of safety,” Euro NCAP representatives emphasized.