Test Drive Mazda 6

Our Mazda6 returned from a long-term “business trip” to the south of Russia and the next trip to Georgia and Turkey. Readers may be surprised, but Mazda came to Moscow completely for herself in uniform. Well, do not take it as a matter of all the more detachable yelling on the sides and hood? Even maintenance not completed and interservice mileage did not affect the condition of the car. And yet it was not completely without troubles. 25002 sixty-seven Someone was lucky to pass the test of the Great Target in the formidable North. We were lucky more – the Big Target in the hot South inspected us for strength. In exactly 100 days in Krasnodar, our mini-team (producer, admin, journalist and Mazda6 car) had to organize a grand Auto Tuning Festival YugMotorShow.41701 eighty-five Mazda6 thrown to the front lines: for 3, five months it became the “headquarters” car of the “special brigade” for organizations in Krasnodar SouthMotorShow. The conditions are literally hot, but by no means hothouse: mileage for a month and a half under twelve thousand kilometers, a significant part of which fell on winding mountain roads of varying degrees of extremeness and total traffic jams at temperatures from + 30 °, and often 35-40 degrees. 79,200 two hundred and forty-two “Is this the new Mondeo?”, Passersby are interested. Ford’s wow effect provides a fresh look and resemblance to Aston Martin cars. Or maybe just tired of waiting? After all, the novelty reached Russia only two and a half years after the North Americans began to drive around the Fusion. Sedans assembled in Vsevolozhsk have their own suspension settings: a little tougher than the overseas versions, but softer than the European ones, and a line of powertrains. The Mondeo will compete with the atmospheric Quartet 2, five liters and an uncontested “automatic” in this battle: the updated Mazda six 2.5 and two Toyota Camrys at once: with engines 2, zero and 2, five liters. 31746 one hundred and five After Mazda returned from Crimea, just over a month. But for some reason, the existence of a cork Moscow in our sedan is not resolutely smiling. Yes, the roads here are mostly good. Yes, after the rain it is not necessary to go to the sink the next day. And gasoline at proven network gas stations is good here. But the car does not cost in one parking lot … However, more on that later. In the meantime, the second part of the Marlezon Ba… more precisely, the life of a large sedan in a big city.