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The first presentation of the Mazda 6 car took place at the Geneva Automobile Salon in two thousand two years. The car came to replace the Mazda 600 20 6 model. But the word “change” is used rather conditionally here, because the sixth model has become a completely new car, which had completely different, much improved characteristics. Almost simultaneously with the European presentation, a presentation was held in Detroit. At that time it was already a D-class car, which was produced in the body of three types: station wagon, sedan and hatchback with the volumes of available petrol units 1.8 l, 2.0 l and 2.3 l, also diesel engines 2.0 l and 3.0 l. The latter were designed primarily for the US market, because everyone knows that Americans are fond of large-capacity engines. The success was so enormous that in two thousand six years the volume of production of this car has already exceeded one million copies. Mazda Six is ​​built on a common base with the Ford Mondeo. Nevertheless, Japanese engineers made a number of their innovations: the multi-link rear and double-link front suspensions mounted on a serious stretcher undoubtedly improved the road qualities of this car. Perhaps the main reason for this decision was the fact that Ford owns a 33% stake in Mazda. Despite this, all issues related to the production and development of new cars, the Japanese are engaged. Ford oversees only sales and other market strategy matters.

In two thousand four, the chief designer of the Mazda six project was appointed Yoichi Sato, who had already worked on six hundred twenty six and three hundred twenty three models. Later, he will say that when creating this car, his main task was to embody all national qualities in him. Sato wanted to make sure that the Japanese origin of the car was guessed right away, only in appearance.

Today, Mazda Motor Corporation plants are located in more than twenty countries around the world. An interesting fact is that on all Mazda six cars the name is written together with the number “6”. The reason for this was a lawsuit with the German concern Audi, whose representatives cited the fact that cars 4, 6, eight series – this is their patented name.