Mazda Three Colors


One of the characteristics of choosing the Mazda three MPS is the color of the car. At least some possible owner of a car will certainly get acquainted with the color politra and choose the car body color in accordance with personal preferences, predicted operating conditions, etc. Given this, the Quto editors designed this section of the catalog. On this page all possible colors of Mazda three MPS are offered, their correct names are also signed.

The current Mazda colors are three MPS: Black, Velocity Red, Aluminum, Crystal White

Mazda Three MPS

2.3 l., Gasoline, manual transmission

2008, one hundred fifty two thousand km, Moscow

477 seven hundred seventy seven rubles.

Mazda Three MPS

2008, one hundred and one thousand kilometers, Moscow

520 zero rubles

Mazda Three MPS

2011, seventy-two 352 km, Moscow

850 zero p