Mazda Perm

In Vladivostok launchedMazda is the sixth largest auto company in Japan, specializing in the production of modern, powerful sports cars. The company was named in honor of the supreme Zoroastrian deity, the god of light Ahur Mazda. Created in one thousand nine hundred and twenty years, for a long time it produced only trucks, and exclusively in the 1960s, when the production of the first passenger cars began, the company earned real fame for American and European continents. One of the distinctive features of Mazda is the use of the revolutionary rotary piston engine, which is installed on all vehicles as part of the standard equipment. At the moment, the range of Mazda cars is unusually wide: in addition to the production of passenger cars, the company is also engaged in the assembly of trucks, buses and minibuses. The corporation can rightfully be called a global manufacturer – today the products of the Japanese brand are exported to one hundred and twenty world countries.