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Mazda from ROLF24 – excellent equipment and loyal price

ROLF24 Center is the official Mazda representative in the automotive market of the Russian Federation, which offers you a wide range of brands at an affordable cost. With all this, it should be noted that we sell both in cash and on credit, therefore reliable Japanese cars are becoming even more accessible to Russian consumers.

Mazda cars – a symbiosis of innovative solutions and technologies

The history of the automobile company Mazda Motor Corporation began in one thousand nine hundred and twenty years. Its main specialization is the production of buses, trucks, minibuses and passenger cars of various classes, which Mazda offers in Moscow. Over the years of the company’s existence, its developers have never stopped on the achieved results, constantly improving the design, creating and implementing innovative options and technologies.

All this allowed Mazda to become one of the twenty global automakers today whose products are characterized by high build quality, reliability, safety and excellent technical characteristics. Now you can buy a Mazda from an official representative of a different model, ranging from a compact hatchback to dynamic crossovers and D-class sedans.

All new Mazda passenger cars are created in accordance with the exclusive KODO stylistic concept, which is designed to embody the pristine beauty and power of movement in reality. In accordance with this concept, not only the exterior design is created, but also the Mazda interior, in which, judging by the photo, everything testifies to practicality and ergonomics.

Among the innovative technologies introduced in Japanese models is the i-ELOOP system, which provides regenerative braking. This system made it possible to increase the efficiency of passenger vehicles, which, in turn, supplemented SKYACTIV technology, which won excellent reviews from automotive experts.

Mazda dealers (Moscow) also offer modern models equipped with the i-ACTIVSENSE system, which is a set of active safety systems that expand the perception of the driver and allow for a timely response to danger.