Toyota Yaris Specifications


In one thousand eight hundred sixty-seven years old, a boy was born in the family of a poor carpenter. His name was Sakishi. and his last name was Toyoda. Sakishi grew up as a professional guy. at 20 5 he founded a small weaving workshop. At 30, Sakishi Toyoda invented a mechanical loom.

Selling in one thousand nine hundred and 20 5 technology for 100 thousand dollars to the British company Pratt Bros .. he was able to significantly expand and strengthen his own business.

Funds inherited father Kiichiro Toyoda. who began to develop plans to create his own passenger car. Already in one thousand nine hundred and thirty-five, the layout “A1” was ready.

1936 The first car of the company appeared – the Toyoda AA car.

1937 August 18 Toyota Motor Co. based Ltd.

1938 The plant in Hodosha begins operations.

1950 The company fell into a crisis. Foundation of Toyota Motor Sales. Kiichiro Toyoda resigns as a result of a conflict with unions. dubbed “labor dispute.” The beginning of foreign operations. supply of a small batch of cars in Costa Rica.

1951 The company introduced a system of “suggesting new ideas.”

1952 Land Cruiser model introduced.

1954 Launch of the Crown Model.

1957 First export of Toyota cars to the USA.

1958 Start of sales of the Corona model.

1959 The Monomachi factory begins operations.

1962 A millionth car rolled off the assembly line.

1965 The success of the Corona model in the United States.

1966 Start of sales of the Corolla model.

1968 Launch of the model Cressida.

1970 Release of the Celica model.

1972 The 10 millionth car is launched.

1974 Foundation of the Toyota Foundation.

1978 Launch of the Tersel and Starlet models.

1981 Opening of Toyota Business Technology Institute.

1982 Company reorganization into Toyota Motor Corp. The launch of the Camry.

1984 Starts production of cars at Toyota GM, a joint venture in the United States, completing the first phase of its own landfill in Shibatsu. The first show of the “Starlet” model.

1986 The company’s 50 millionth vehicle is launched. Presentation “Tersel-Corsa-Corolla II”

1987 First show of Toyota Four Runner

1988 The American branch of the company began producing cars in the United States.

1989 Presentation of the Lexus LS 400 and Lexus ES250 models.

1990 The 15 millionth Toyota Corolla is launched. The launch of the Previa.

1992 The British branch of the company begins production.

1993 Launch of the Celica model.

1996 The 90 millionth Toyota brand is launched.

1997 Presentation of the compact minivan “Raum”. The company presented the Prius mixed-power vehicle.