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new Isuzu D MaxCars for work are not always used for their intended purpose. Pickups are often purchased for operation as a jeep, to which these cars are remarkably adapted. Judging by the reviews of some representatives of the Isuzu model range, this same fate awaits them in most cases in Russia. We are talking about the model Isuzu D MAX. The company offers a productive and reliable Japanese car with good technical characteristics. But Isuzu D Max is not only a well-known representative of the lineup of the Japanese corporation, but also a participant in many other developments.

Isuzu D MAXIsuzu company is known for the fact that the technical development of its SUVs and excellent pickups is actively selling to other manufacturers. For example, half of the famous Chinese SUVs used the base and engines on which the Isuzu pickup truck was built to produce their cars. Of course, the reviews about these Chinese developments are not as exciting as the opinions about the original pickup, which we will talk about today.

Constructive solutions and pickup design

The 2008 model year already seems so far away that you can’t expect any pleasant surprises from the SUV. However, at its best photo cars look pretty attractive. Even if you compare the development of Isuzu D Max with modern pickups of other corporations, you will not find serious obsolete parts.Photo Isuzu D MAX (side view) However, the SUV is known not so much in design as in design solutions. In this regard, the Isuzu pickup truck surprises the buyer well:

it is noticeable in the photo that the passenger cabin of the 4-door Isuzu D MAX is quite spacious – there are a lot of places in the back row for passengers, knees do not rest on the backs of the front seats – the finish is quite simple, this is not the representative of the model range for which chic is needed the interior is quite practical, but the quality of the plastic is not inferior to the competitors – operating reviews indicate that the car has very good ergonomics – instead of two seats for the driver and passenger in the pickup truck there is a single sofa.

Constructive decisions can be judged by convenience and beauty. Inside, everything is not too modern, but the buyer of an SUV does not need enthusiasm for design. From the photo you can understand whether such an arrangement of the interior in Isuzu D MAX suits you – it is not necessary to go for a test drive or for personal acquaintance. The price of finishing is quite low, but this practically does not affect the quality of operation.

photo Isuzu D MAX (rear view) Salon Isuzu D MAX engine Isuzu D Max automatic transmission Isuzu D MAX