Isuzu Elf Specifications

Isuzu elf cargo truckJapanese cars in the Russian market have taken a strong place since the mid-nineties. Not only passenger cars, but also medium-tonnage trucks, which have found active use in the field of small business, are in constant demand. The Japanese company Isuzu Motors Ltd is very close-knit with Russian companies and produces perhaps the most popular Isuzu NQR model series, which includes the Isuzu NQR 75.

The Isuzu NQR 70 5 chassis, by its technical features, is an impeccable car for Russian criteria, which customer reviews have repeatedly confirmed. A three hundred eight hundred and fifteen mm wheelbase machine has a turbo-charged diesel engine with a capacity of one hundred and fifty l / forces (Euro-3 environmental safety standard), with a volume of five thousand one hundred and ninety-three cm3 and intermediate cooling of the charge air.

Isuzu elf with aerial platformThe engine resource of all models is designed for one million km. The car is equipped with a fuel tank of one hundred liter, the manufacturer claims fuel consumption of seventeen liters / 100 km. According to drivers, the car at full load (especially in winter) consumes from fifteen to twenty liters.

With a load capacity of five thousand kg, seventy-five different airborne superstructures, manipulators and vans can be installed on this Isuzu NQR model. But do not overload a machine with a sufficiently strong riveted frame. The car can be used in urban environments and for the transport of goods between settlements.Aerial platform Isuzu elf The compact dimensions of the truck (length six thousand six hundred ten mm, width one thousand nine hundred ninety five mm) and a small turning angle (7, six and 8, five meters for different models) allow loading and unloading and moving in a dense city traffic.

Main characteristics of Isuzu elf cars

The most popular among car owners is the Isuzu elf car, with modifications varying in length of the base chassis frame. With all this, on all models, the technical characteristics for the load of the axles of the car are the same. The front axle carries a load of up to three thousand one hundred kg, the rear axle with spring suspension up to six thousand kg.

The vehicles have a front anti-roll bar of the front axle. The smallest Elf in carrying capacity can carry only one ton of cargo, all-wheel drive models of Isuzu elf 4wd trucks are designed for cargo weight from three thousand three hundred to six thousand kg. Regardless of the load, the machine has a smooth ride thanks to the design of long leaf springs and wide tires 215 / 75R17.5

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