Infiniti Krasnodar

In most cases, Infiniti cars are equipped with an automatic transmission. This node can quite often break down or junk, but at our Infiniti TO station we know how to help. Reliable repair of Infiniti in Krasnodar should begin with a comprehensive and thorough diagnosis, which will identify the problem. Service Motors has high-class equipment for Infiniti diagnostics and repair, which together with experienced specialists will help bring the machine into proper condition.


infinity If your car is in order, but you want to prevent damage, you need comprehensive diagnostics, which the technicians at the Infinity Maintenance Station will do as carefully as possible.

During the verification process, all auto systems are studied, such as:

engine-transmission-suspension-airbags-electronic control and safety systems-fuel system and many others.

Our equipment will allow the analysis of both electronic and mechanical systems of cars. If any node needs to be repaired or set up, our specialists are ready to complete the necessary procedures completely. Before you get into your Infiniti, every detail is thoroughly tested, and repaired systems are tested to eliminate the possibility of marriage.

Accident We will help with the repair!

If the diagnosis was not done on time and you got into an accident, body repair is offered at the Infiniti service center in Krasnodar. Welding, straightening, straightening dents, body painting and many other procedures are all within the power of our repair shop. Advanced equipment and a competent approach of mechanics will return the car to life, no matter in what condition it is.

A small dent or a completely bent body – this can be corrected and much more at Service Motors, the most technologically advanced and advanced Infiniti repair center in Krasnodar. In our technical center you can check and repair vehicles from different Infniti series: FX, QX, G, JX and others.