Infiniti Jeep

jeep infinityThere is only one jeep in the Infinity model line. Previously, it was called QX56, but now it has been renamed QX80. The jeep has all the makings that a real SUV should have, including the amazing technique in everything. The photo of the car makes one really think about the highest style of the company’s development, even if the appearance of this representative of the model range is not very standard. Infinity SUV has a real charm, this car surprises with every feature of its design. In the interior, the driver and passengers will feel great thanks to many important and effective developments in the most amazing areas.

With all the parameters of the huge price, the SUVs of this company have the amazing ability to seem quite affordable.Infiniti QX56 When you compare the cost of Infinity with competitors, it seems that this is a completely logical figure on the price tag. The machine pleases with all its characteristics, including the technical part. Probably, the technique should be called one of the main advantages of the corporation, but a beautiful appearance is a secondary sign of the amazing developments of the Japanese elite brand.

Legend begins: QX56 Z62 – special version of the SUV

If you are interested in off-road equipment, you have clearly heard of such a model as the Infiniti QX56 SUV in a special model line called Infiniti QX56 (side view) Until two thousand fourteen, this car was the most productive jeep among all Japanese manufacturers. The SUV managed to get all the awards present in the domestic market of Japan and the USA, to become one of the best-selling cars in its price segment. That’s why Infiniti got this development after the development of the model. In a special series of cars in the model range of the corporation there were such features:

even in the photo it was possible to distinguish Z62 from standard models – the appearance was somewhat different – more expensive materials and elite interior design features were used in the cabin – the SUV got the best that Infinity has as a technique, the 405-horsepower engine began to be used on this version Acceleration of a huge 3-ton jeep to one hundred kilometers per hour took 6.5 seconds, which is surprising in this case – 5.6 liters of the unit’s volume allowed to choose any travel modes and convenient operation options — the potential and comfort in the car were enough for a variety of uses, including high politician Infiniti QX56 (rear view) Salon Infiniti QX56 Infinity QX80 photo Infinity QX80 (side view)