Fuel Consumption Infiniti Fx35

Infiniti FX FX35 7_6 litrGood evening everyone. Dared to write a review about his own beloved sports car) Infinity fx35. Let’s start with the background, before buying this car, I considered several options: BMW x5 3.0l, Lexus rx300, infinity fx35, and looked at the Porsche Cayenne 3.2. Found something more) only SUV with a sporting disposition. In my first aspect, the lexus rx300 retired right away, the design is very rollic and a bit outdated (my friends also told me the secret about the Lexus automatic transmission, the desire to take it was gone). A ride on the BMW x5 liked everything except the thrust of the 3l motor. not much for him (also of course these machines were pleased with the “reliability”, so I decided not to take it). The choice fell on fx35, no doubt, the machine is very playful, dynamic in nature and most importantly exclusively without diseased nodes. By the way, after the date I took a ride on Cayenne, didn’t surprise me too much))) So, it was decided, we take the date, we had to spend about a month searching for it, since there were few of them with moderate value and condition. One morning I came across an ad “sale of Infinity fx35 2003 (comp. Elegance, black on black leather) mileage two hundred and forty thousand price -650,000, but the city of Tomsk.” Phoned, talked, as if everything suits, eventually on the train and in Tomsk. When we arrived, we drove to a full MOT, it turned out on the chassis: all the rubber bands for replacement, on the internal combustion engine: there is a small amount of oil on the candles (the oil eats up), the body: everything is normal. In the end, after thinking it over, I realized that all this not critical, you can ride, I decided to take. Six hundred and fifty hands and back to Novosibirsk. The first impressions were that the powerful engine was somewhere in front) and the back of the body, as if not keeping up with the engine) In general, I will honestly say the sensations are cool, and the exhaust sound is just a song, I was driving and was happy.

In short, I want to tell you what the Infinity fx35 is in general. The cardinal difference between the Infiniti FX35 and the classic SUVs is in a design that is clearly focused on driving on high-quality coatings. The Infiniti FX is built on the FM platform, which Nissan also uses for the Infiniti G35 sedan and coupe and Nissan Skyline. The car platform is very short with a classic layout, a longitudinally mounted engine and a drive to the rear axle, which makes it, unlike all SUVs and SUVs (including X6), the most stable in its class.

I want to talk about all the pros and cons of this car.

– Excessive stiffness of the chassis produces creaks at the joints of plastic with aluminum- Expensive body parts (headlights, trunk lid)

+ Gasoline consumption pleases highway 9-10 city 17-19 + Manageability at heights + Maneuverability at heights + Body design + Interior design + Interior design Reliability (no sore spots) + Spare parts not expensive (a bunch of analogues)

There are very few disadvantages of this car, I would say they are insignificant, but I want to refine them.

The operation of this car:

At first, I could not get enough of this miracle by creating a sports coupe-SUV))) But in a flash I decided to check the oil and it’s empty) First, it was decided to add 1 liter of oil (5-30 Nissan) We went further, exactly after one thousand km. I saw that she ate a liter again. I asked my teammates and it was said, it doesn’t smoke, everything is fine, go on, they all eat oil))) But I didn’t like this situation because I know that the car doesn’t eat oil of its own accord))) The result of opening the engine (mileage 240.000km ): – wear of rings-wear of cams and wires-wear of a chain-soot on valves