Acura Mdx Specifications

Acura MDX

Acura MDX – all-wheel drive seven-seater crossover class E.


Acura MDX Jeep (2005)

In two thousand four years, the model was improved again. Refreshed Acura has undergone a number of cosmetic configurations, among which a brand new dashboard, rear dimensions, head optics, a separate exhaust system with shiny tubes and almost everything else. Motor power was again increased from two hundred and sixty to two hundred and sixty-five hp. at five thousand eight hundred rpm. Among the systems there is now a tire pressure sensor, and side curtains with rollover sensors have improved safety.

ModificationsFuelSpeed ​​L.S. KPPGoda-95km / h265 L.S. AKPP 52005

The SUV from the American branch of Honda is touted as being very economical and minimally polluting. In technical terms, the model is an all-wheel drive car with a transverse power unit, a 5-speed automatic transmission and a supporting body. It is equipped with a 240-horsepower 3, 5-liter 6-cylinder internal combustion engine, which provides vigorous acceleration of the car. The model combines patency with handling and feels confident both in urban and off-road conditions. The interior is dominated by genuine leather, aluminum panels and high-quality fabric upholstery.

190 km / h 243 HP

Since the launch of the Acura MDX in two thousand years, the car has undergone a number of significant changes. In two thousand three years, the engine power was increased from two hundred forty-three to two hundred and sixty hp, a new 5-speed automatic transmission and an improved suspension were installed on the car. The modernization also affected the all-wheel drive, the systems of which were modified to better control the machine during acceleration, cornering and, of course, braking.

260 hp